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fgebhart Hi šŸ‘‹ My name is Fabian Gebhart. Iā€™m a Data and Software Engineer, Python Enthusiast, 3D-Printing Geek and Map Lover. I live in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany, where I enjoy going for a Mountainbike ride and drinking coffee.

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My Blogging Philosophy

  1. Community Engagement: Finding people with similar interests online is easy nowadays. While community engagement can be challenging, it can also be enriching to share projects, ideas and thoughts.
  2. Learning: Learning is bilateral. Not only the reader will learn something from the blog post, also the author has to achieve profound knowledge of the written material.
  3. Sharing is Caring: So many great articles, blogs, docs and books out there that I read and absorbed. Thanks to everyone who is sharing their knowledge. This blog is about giving back my learnings.
  4. Efficiency: Keep everything compact and concise šŸš€


Let's practice community engagement by starting a discussion below a blog post šŸ˜‰

Enjoy reading!